Message for all my Students

I have been a student and teacher of Kenpo for over 41 years.

The student will learn the fundamentals of movements to prepare for advance training, along with effective practical movements designed to defend against predators wishing to do harm.

The successful development of Tim Spellman's Kenpo Karate System was recognized world wide on May 8th of the year 2010 by Grand Master Dr. Jim Thomas and the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame "Hall of Heroes".

When I teach, I am involved heart and soul, with teaching the martial art philosophies along with the science of the martial arts as well. The knowledge that is entailed in the philosophy, reasoning, theory, and concepts that make up this unique art provides the most complete and effective training to each student. I share my knowledge with each student to ensure that my students receive a full and complete understanding of what I am teaching them, and ensure they are given the mental and physical abilities and tools to retain that knowledge and to help control the emotions that may follow any serious violent encounters.

I am a traditional martial artist. I believe in incoorperating as much old school training methods as possible to ensure a more realistic approach to practical applications and conditioning. I would not change what the martial arts are meant for which is a military art designed for war and adapted to todays needs in practical personal self defense, to preserve the value of life, not simply a sport for sport's sake. I only use 3 belts in this system: White, Brown and Black.I believe that when a delicate yet Viciously effective system is taken and changed into a sport where all aspects of respect and honor are lost, the true meaning and purpose is faded and the art is washed out, starved, becoming a weak imitation of what it was once meant for, therefore, losing the true value. A person is perceived by his or her own actions. The Martial Arts entails more than just fighting, it is a way of life. Only a true warrior respects the importance and value of all existing life.

As my student, in our private lessons together, you will learn the theorized concepts behind the techniques. You will condition your training in the material using repetition and continuous rigorous training excercises. Kumite sessions will also allow you to employ the techniques while interacting with other students of varying sizes and natures and to effectively learn to take a situation down and out in less than 3 seconds.

The Kenpo Karate System I will teach you is one of the most complete kenpokempo martial arts system available today in one place.

All students and parents are more than welcome to join us on facebook Kenpokempo KoshoShorieryu Karate to communicate with each other and with the Instructors, along with Martial Arts students, Teachers, Masters and Grand Masters from all around the world. This site is monitored to assure the safety and quality of information passed along. You may also ask questions and give your thoughts and share your greatest moments life has offered to you. You can also keep up to date on the activities and events that are coming to you both local and abroad.

Take a deep breathe when you first wake up and be very thankful. You are Great today, How much Greater can you be today than you were yesturday? For your hard work today will be your tomorrow's wonder. Have a Great day today and even a Greater day tomorrow. Only you can control your paths and destiny that you choose to take.

MotA TPS Ph.D./Ma.D.Sc. (Soke)